Throughout the summer I wanted to get my canoe onto the water but the weather was bad on the days that I could go. Before I knew it, fall had arrived and my next canoe day looked like it might have to be next year.

Today's forecast (Oct. 1, 2019) was overcast with showers and a high of 62℉, but by late-afternoon it hadn't rained and my thermometer was at 68! I figured "nothing ventured nothing gained," packed my Jeep and took off for Kezar Lake.

It was still overcast at the lake, but the air was sweet and the water warm, so I went for it. A minute after launching at 5 o'clock, the gloom broke as the sun dropped below the clouds and headed for the horizon.

It was just two loons and me out there on absolutely flat water for two hours of bliss.

I had never taken my cell phone onto the water before but video from it is amazing, so it came along and that's what shot this video.

Back on shore, a funny thing happened as I was leaving. While driving toward the exit I saw a cloud bank form on the lake in just minutes. As daylight quickly faded I shot the video from my car window. By crazy coincidence, you can hear the music on my car radio end exactly as I finished the video pan! I didn't realize it until I played the video when I got home.

Before the light completely disappeared, I grabbed my shirt-pocket-size Sony RX-100 camera and made the image below.

Fog forms over Kezar Lake New Hampshire. Photograph by Ken Schuster.

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Foggy Kezar Panorama