The prints are spectacular, last decades longer, and as a bonus I can breathe fresh air, work in daylight and not pollute our planet with processing chemicals. I love it!!

For most of my life, the magic of photography happened in the darkroom. Now, science and technology have infused photography with unparalleled artistic freedom.

I never thought it would happen so quickly, but the quality of today's high-end digital photography has surpassed "traditional" silver-based images by every measure.

A foggy day at Muster Field Farm. Photographed by Ken Schuster.

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A Foggy Day at Muster Field Farm

Several of my pieces are at the Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grille in New London, NH.

I'm an exhibiting member of the beautiful Rockport Art Association and Museum, in the heart of equally beautiful Rockport, MA. Please check the website for hours.

The Griffin Museum of Photography is a wonderful space in Winchester, MA that is dedicated to outstanding contemporary and historical photography. Please check the website for hours.

Ken Schuster now specializes in Fine Art Photography