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Multi-colored pixels within letters of the word "Noodlings."
Teal scrawling underline.
Spacematoes - Photodigital image by Ken Schuster.


Sometimes you get a tomato that takes you where

none have gone before.

Magnifying glass icon.
"Line Dried" haiku and photograph by Ken Schuster.

Line Dried

Something's in the air;

flowers, pine trees, fresh cut grass,

clothing on the line.

"Fall" photograph and haiku by Ken Schuster.


Red leaf on the ground,
are the birds leaving so soon?
Where did August go?

"Morning Grass" haiku and photograph by Ken Schuster.

Morning Grass

Quiet like a cat,
morning mist-covered grasses
stretch to meet the sun.


Escher Meets Parrish at

Saint-Gaudens' Place

Optical illusion: Both pegasi are the identical size and I moved Mt. Ascutney a few miles north for this occasion.

Magnifying glass icon.
"Just a Summer Windowsill" photograph by Ken Schuster.

Just a Summer Windowsill

"A Matter of Perspective" photographs of a cat by Ken Schuster.


you're the mouse.

Chives photograph by Ken Schuster.



Like an audience caught in the spotlight.

Tiny Miata with mammoth mosquito.  Photograph by Ken Schuster
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