The prints are spectacular, last decades longer, and as a bonus I can breathe fresh air, work in daylight and not pollute our planet with chemicals. I love it!!

For most of my life, the magic of photography happened in the darkroom. Now, science and technology have infused photography with unparalleled artistic freedom.

I never thought it would happen so quickly, but the quality of today's high-end digital photography has surpassed "traditional" silver-based images by every measure.

Magenta fall leaves in New England photographed by Ken Schuster.

Magenta Fall in 2020 New England

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Many of my framed pieces are at the beautiful Prospect Hill Home store in Sunapee harbor New Hampshire, 31 River Road. Directions. (603) 763-9676  You can order my custom-sized framed work there too.

Several of my pieces are at the Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grille in New London, NH.

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Ken Schuster, April 29, 2020.